The Rally Market: Vendors

We’re so excited for our event on June 23rd in collaboration with the Arkells Rally! We’ll be popping up from 1-5pm in front of Tim Hortons Field (Cannon & Blythe). Here’s who you’ll find there:

Mike on Much: podcast & merch
The Flying G’Nosh: Indian streetfood
Girl on the Wing: clothing & accessories
Sweet & Simple Co.: handmade candy
Steambox Dumplings: handmade dumplings
Foundry Ice Cream: handmade ice cream (regular & vegan)
Rare Specimens: jewelry
Group of 7 Billion: collage art
Jelly Bros.: Hamilton prints
Hello Baked: cookies & candy
Cabin: illustrated prints & cards
Into the Abyss: records
All Sorts Press: letterpress prints & cards
Lily Kao: illustrated prints
Outpost Vintage: vintage clothing and accessories
Rosehound Apparel: clothings & accessories
Incense Republic: hand-dipped incense
Arkells Merch
Sudsatorium: handmade soaps and beauty
Souvenir Pins: vintage pin collector

June 17th Vendors

We are getting so excited for our special pop-up at Dundurn Castle grounds On June 17th. Here are some of the vendors you can expect to see there:

Group of 7 Billion, Through Sky & Sea, Ninibee, Tin Chimney, The Lucky Navigator, Rosehound Apparel, Kathryn Dieroff, Homecoming Goods, Wolf Dottir, Crown Point Candles, Selector Records, Hoot Furnishings, Shop30Vintage, Kozy Kat Vintage, Sudsatorium, Bearded Nomad, Foundry Ice Cream, Sweet & Simple Co., The Glittering Magpie, Jelly Brtohers.

Light Up the Knight: an evening event at Dundurn Castle


We’re excited to announce that our next event is a fun summer pop-up market in partnership with the City of Hamilton! Stay tuned for vendor and entertainment announcements!

Hamilton Flea in partnership with The City of Hamilton and Soundbox presents:
LIGHT UP THE KNIGHT: An Evening Event at Dundurn Castle

Join us for an outdoor spectacle on the grounds of Dundurn Castle in honour of their 50th anniversary as a public museum. Featuring a pop-up market with local vendors, live music, yummy food, lawn lounging and a Light and Sound show illuminating the historic Castle walls. It’s sure to be magical!

FREE ADMISSION. Bring a blanket! Parking is limited so we encourage everyone to take public transit, walk or bike to the event.

Music: 7:00-9:15
Light & Sound Show: 9:30pm & 10:15pm

About Dundurn Castle:
The Castle was the home of Sir Allan MacNab, knighted by Queen Victoria. He built and resided at Dundurn Castle from 1835 – 1862. The Castle was made a public museum in 1967 and during the 1960’s large scale Light and Sound shows were produced for the citizens of Hamilton to enjoy for free in Dundurn Park. We are excited to step back in time to 1967 with an evening of old & new delights, for all ages!
Phone: 905-546-2872

Made Possible By: City of Hamilton/ Hamilton Flea/ Hamilton Civic Museums/ Canada 150

History of Lawson Lumber


One of our favourite parts of any Flea event is to learn about the history of each space we pop up in. Finding locations that celebrate our city’s rich history is our top priority and Lawson Lumber certainly fits the bill. Here are some of our favourite stories, compiled from our findings at the Local History Archives and conversations with members of the Lawson family.


The building at Gage and Dunsmure was originally known as Alliance Lumber from 1910-1946. It played an important part in Hamiltons industrial history and was a huge employer for the city. Located right on the historical TH&B railway line, all of the lumber produced and received was shipped via train. In 1946, Charles Lawson, who had been a long-time employee of Alliance Lumber, purchased the company from its American owners and it became Hamilton-owned.

Now that it was officially in the Lawson family hands, many members of the family started working there. Jim Lawson was the grandson of Charles and recounted some of his memories in a phone conversation we had. He remembers working summers at the lumber yard. Jim’s strongest memory was of unloading the train carts of lumber in the summer heat. “You had to crawl into these small spaces on the train carts and find ways to jimmy out the huge pieces of wood, in boiling temperatures. I’ll never forget it!”. He also still remembers the swear words he learned to say in Italian from the community of workers at the yard.



On June 14, 1955 a large fire broke out in the lumber yard and destroyed the majority of it. Apparently Charles Lawson found out about it from a call from his friend who rang and said “by the looks of the smoke, I think your place is on fire.” Our favourite story surrounding the fire is of Carlos Vergara II, a student from South America, living in the neighbourhood. Apparently he was one of the first to discover the fire and was a true hero in the ordeal. He immediately started directing the people living in the surrounding houses to move their cars that backed onto the lumber yard and started hosing down the fire with the neighbours garden hoses.

After the fire, everything was rebuilt and you can really see the 1950s architecture in the office building.

Another one of our favourite discoveries was that of Lawson Lodge. In the 1970s, the Salvation Army started a home for troubled girls. In honour of Charles Lawson’s work with the organization, they named the home Lawson Lodge in his honour. So this family really has left a mark on many aspects of Hamiltons’ history.

The Lawson family also has a long-standing history with the Hamilton Wildcats, and later the Hamilton TiCats, which we learned about in this video:

There’s lots more we could share, but one are just a few of our favourite tidbits. Come check out the space on Saturday to learn even more!


October 22nd Vendors

We’re so excited to announce our vendors for our event on Saturday October 22nd! Lots of time is spent in putting together an extensive and exciting list of vendors from vintage collectors, to artists, to community organizations, to food and more! The majority of our vendors are Hamilton-based though we’re excited to host some guests from other parts of Ontario too.


The Eye of Faith, Tuesday’s Gone, The Mermaid’s Purse, Roly Poly Records & Retro (St Catharines), Outpost Vintage (Guelph), VintageSoulGeek, The Haberdashery, Newolds, Girl on the Wing, Kozy Kat Vintage, Hamilton Hobo, Lab Consignment, Dana De Kyuper


Matt Darling (Toronto), Jessica Elves, Phoebe Taylor, Through Sky and Sea, Rachelle Letain, Jenna’s Doodles, All Sorts Press, Sean Greenberg, Gillian Wilson (Guelph), Jelly Brothers, Rachel Hawkes Cameron (Toronto), Group of Seven Billion


Rosehound Apparel (Toronto), Kathryn Dieroff,  Eau Claire Resin (Brantford), LunaMoon (Toronto), Sugarbones, Hand & Shadow, White Elephant, This & That Co., The Shoppery, With Love Lingerie, Lickety Spit Fibre Farm, Beast and Bones


Atomic Rec Room, Helen and Molly, Circa Projects, Hoot Furnishings, Selector Records


Wolf Dottir, Crown Point Candles, North Border Authentic Design, Beasley Pet Co., Homebody Ceramics (Guelph)


Sassafras Botanicals, Sudsatorium (Toronto), Bearded Nomad, Lips by Danilea


Gibbs Honey, Girl on the Wing plants, Petal to the Metal, Cactus and Succulent Gardens


Foundry Ice Cream, Phancy Food Catering (Toronto), Donut Monster, Vintage Coffee Roasters, Hamilton Popcorn Co, Luv, Becky


Little Makers Kidz Zone, Young Lions Music Club DJ’S, Hamilton Tool Library, Bunz Trading Zone, Sleeman Beer Zone, Oswald Pop-Up Gallery