About Us

Hamilton Flea started as a way for us to combine our love of Hamilton, history, architecture, art, design and community. We are constantly inspired by the beautiful spaces in our city, and wanted to create a place for people to come together. By illuminating historical Hamilton spaces with good vibes, awesome vendors and great people, our goal is to celebrate the city’s past, present and future.


We are two sisters: Whitney and Erika McMeekin. Hamilton Flea is a culmination of both of our passions for community building- from a young age we’ve been taught the importance of making a mark where you live and being active members of our city. Whitney is also the owner of the shop Girl on the Wing, a freelance event planner and vibe maker, wearer of many hats, lover of kitties and vintage collector. Erika is the brains behind The Academy of All Things Awesome, all-around engager, constant facilitator, party starter and laser aficionado. Together we are Hamilton Flea!

Got an idea for the next Flea? Want to chat more? Contact us anytime at hellohamiltonflea@gmail.com