The Rally Market: Vendors

We’re so excited for our event on June 23rd in collaboration with the Arkells Rally! We’ll be popping up from 1-5pm in front of Tim Hortons Field (Cannon & Blythe). Here’s who you’ll find there:

Mike on Much: podcast & merch
The Flying G’Nosh: Indian streetfood
Girl on the Wing: clothing & accessories
Sweet & Simple Co.: handmade candy
Steambox Dumplings: handmade dumplings
Foundry Ice Cream: handmade ice cream (regular & vegan)
Rare Specimens: jewelry
Group of 7 Billion: collage art
Jelly Bros.: Hamilton prints
Hello Baked: cookies & candy
Cabin: illustrated prints & cards
Into the Abyss: records
All Sorts Press: letterpress prints & cards
Lily Kao: illustrated prints
Outpost Vintage: vintage clothing and accessories
Rosehound Apparel: clothings & accessories
Incense Republic: hand-dipped incense
Arkells Merch
Sudsatorium: handmade soaps and beauty
Souvenir Pins: vintage pin collector

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